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Fine Edge factory accommodates a labor force of 195 artisans, operators, and team leaders. The workforce is divided into teams specialized in a particular field for maximum production efficiency. 

The world-class dust collection system enables us to keep the workplace clean at all times.

Work shifts are divided into two shifts, regular day shift and optional overtime hours, increasing our productivity  by 50% when needed and allowing us to match your short deadlines.

Our operations team of 25 engineers, architects, draftsmen, and technicians administer all production processes, ensuring paramount efficiency and quality.

Fine Edge offices are located on the premises and operate 6 days a week to maintain high productivity.


We work to satisfy your needs by investing in the latest machinery in the industry, and hiring specialized operators to run them. 

To eliminate the possibility of a single-point-failure, we have created duplicate machines in key areas to enhance reliability.

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