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In-House Production Services

Our factory in Dubai investment park 2 is a unique industry-specialized production engine, that reflects our expertise of over 22 years working with high-end interiors. Our factory accommodates 10 individual production sections that specialize in different materials, operating efficiently and harmoniously.  


We have learned over time that quality interiors are a blend of artisans' expertise, modern technology, and quality management systems that allow for a smooth workflow. We are proud holders of 3 ISO certifications for quality management and environmental awareness.  


As time and quality are most valuable to you and us; we have specialized sections along with expert technicians to control all aspects of the projects in-house enhancing our control of quality and time to deliver exceptional results in challenging timelines. 


We offer you a complimentary visit to our factory in DIP 2 and a meeting with our engineers who are always eager to assist you, so if you are interested don't hesitate to contact us and schedule your visit. 

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