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Paul Café & Restaurant 


Choose Fine Edge

We are a family of Interior Design fanatics that with hard work and dedication became a regional leader in the industry. We share your passion for lavish interiors, and promise diligence and dedication to your vision.

We are dedicated to manufacturing premium quality products, and promise you high end services regardless of the size of your project. 

We love a challenge, and are always interested in taking on your imagination, as we aspire to deliver new and eccentric designs. 

We have completed projects across 22 countries in the MENA region, catering to all the needs of international brands and businesses.

You can rely on us to find you the most feasible and effective technical solutions in your projects. An expertise of 22 years gives you an edge over your competitors to focus on your business. You leverage a network of industry experts and a high end supply chain. 

We provide you with delivery, maintenance, guarantee of quality and a 1 year warranty for all our products. 


  • Interior Design 

  • Interior Fit Out

  • Production and Turnkey Projects

  • Furniture production

  • International Operations across 22 countries in the MENA Region

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